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Step into the world of groundbreaking technology, where electronic components work together to make life easy and secure. Imagine a company dedicated to revolutionizing homes and businesses with advanced solutions. Our focus on quality shines through in our top-notch door locks and smart devices that come together to enhance security and convenience. Visualize smart locks guarding main and rental doors, offering modern security with a touch of style. Indoors, smart sensors work in harmony, saving energy by adjusting lights, detecting movement, and managing AC units when rooms are empty.

Think of rainy days without the frantic search for keys, the Smart Padlock at the main gate offers a clever solution, allowing easy access with a tap and remote control for kids. And don't miss the Smart Socket, managing electricity smartly by scheduling when appliances turn on and off. This innovation of incredible technology sets the stage for a simpler, safer, and smarter life. Here, in this narrative of technological marvels, the stage is set for a simpler, safer, and smarter life.

Smart Features

A 2-storey residential unit in Sunway serves as a prime example of the company's commitment to smart technology. By installing two Smart Locks at the main entrance and rental door, the client not only ensures enhanced security but also facilitates easier access.

Furthermore, the integration of smart sensors for light, motion, and AC units contributes to minimizing energy wastage. These sensors intelligently adjust settings based on occupancy, ensuring optimal usage even when residents are away.

Smart Locks

Another 2-storey residential unit in Subang showcases the company's ingenious solutions. Here, the installation of a Smart Padlock at the main gate has eliminated the hassle of searching for keys, especially during unfavorable weather conditions.

The highlight is the remote access feature, empowering the client to control the padlock remotely. This functionality not only offers convenience but also enhances security, allowing parents to manage their children's movements effortlessly.

Smart Socket

The commitment to sustainability is evident in yet another project in Subang. By incorporating a Smart Socket into the residential unit, the company aids in reducing electricity bills through scheduled automation.

Appliances can now be programmed to turn on and off at specific times of the day, ensuring that energy consumption is optimized without compromising comfort.

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Project References

1. 2-Storey Residential Unit at Sunway

The client has installed 2-nos Smart Locks at main and rental doors for easier access with a more secure environment. Additionally, smart sensors for light, motion and AC units are installed to reduce energy wastage, especially when no one is home.

2. 2-Storey Residential Unit at Subang

The client has installed a Smart Padlock at main gate and solved the issue of searching for key, especially during raining days. Most importantly, the client is able to perform remote access to unlock and lock the padlock and let their children in and out.

3. 2-Storey Residential Unit at Subang

The client has installed a Smart Socket, which aids in reducing electricity bills through scheduling features that automatically turn off and on appliances at specific times of the day.

The Future of the Smart World

Block Quotes

“Our ultimate goal is to implement existing technology into an intelligent software that includes a voice command system similar to Google Home/Alexa, the feature of combining all smart devices like Home Assistant, and an AI system allowing users to communicate and interact like ChatGPT.”